Online Bookkeeping

We offer book keeping services through online (cloud) accounting softwares like Quickbooks Online and Zoho Books. The book keeping activities include posting from all source documents like invoices, bills, bank receipts and payments.
Book keeping services also include, matching invoices with payment received from customers, matching bills with payment to suppliers, reconciling transactions with banks and ensure all compliance requirements are met.

Accounting Services

Putting your financial reports in proper perspective is what accounting is all about. We reconcile your books with your customers, debtors and government. This ensures your financial report appropriately reflect your business activities.

Tax Preparation

Obtaining tax clearance and notice of assessment have become one of the requirements for undertaking business and even seeking financing for your business. We work with you to prepare complete, accurate and integrated corporate and personal tax filings on an annual basis.


Our controllership role is to ensure you are successful as a business owner. Effective cashflow management is one way your business success could be measured. As your “side-kick” CFO, we work with you to ensure the lifeblood of your business, is strong and rock solid. This we do by implementing management control tools like budgeting, cashflow plan, etc. We also have array of financial experts that can assist your business with financing solutions that ensure free flow of funds to support business activities irrespective of the level of operations or business life cycle.


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Providing bespoke financing solutions

We provide bespoke financing solutions that meet your everyday needs. Our range of financing solutions cover personal to business and payments. Our focus is to provide you with flexible solutions that meet your specific objectives. Access all our financing solution by simply opening a FREE account with Express Canada today.

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